Complete Turnkey BLACK LABEL Site

Your BLACK LABEL comes with a complete turnkey ready to use website. Your BLACK LABEL also comes with marketing landing pages, email templates, educational content, promotional videos, eBooks, training material and a business finance and business credit prequalification scan tool.

Integrate Into Your Existing Site

Any part of the provided BLACK LABEL website can be integrated directly into your existing website. The BLACK LABEL is created within your primary domain name so that your clients never leave your environment. You retain direct connection with your clients at all times. We also give you 10 marketing strategies to help you get more clients.


Easy Setup Within A Few Days

The BLACK LABEL system normally takes 1 to 2 business days to setup. The BLACK LABEL is setup as a sub-domain of your primary domain which requires your team to create a DNS record and send to us a wildcard SSL certificate to secure your BLACK LABEL. Nice and easy.

Extensive Training Materials

We can train one member of your staff to live coach up to 20 clients at a time. We record the training for you so that you can train more staff later on. The admin and client management areas are very user friendly with an extensive amount of training videos, PDFs, and eBooks so your staff can access them easily and quickly learn all facets of your BLACK LABEL.


Become A Serial Entrepreneur

We are sure you have heard the term Serial Entrepreneur. This is where a business owner owns multiple businesses and not just one. We have a strategy for you to own 12 BLACK LABEL businesses that all service your small business clients for a specific need with each business being a lead generation source for all the others. Kind of like owning a Car Wash next to an Auto Repair Shop, next to a Body Shop, that is next to an Auto Parts Store where you own them all. Here you own 12 BLACK LABEL business service businesses.

10 Proven Marketing Methods

Your BLACK LABEL system comes with a full set of marketing landing pages, email marketing templates, phone scripts, elevator/event pitches, client closing statements, webinar topics & content, and 10 proven marketing methods that are designed to drive prospective clients to your BLACK LABEL business success scan that will show them very clearly how much they need all of your essential business services.