Black Label CRM DIY Helps You With

Every Component of Your Business Credit Building

Lender Satisfaction Blueprint – 20 items business owners must complete to not be viewed as high risk of default, your business credit foundation.

Detailed Business Success System – You will have full business success scan with all aspects of doing business in today’s world. In today’s market, lenders and credit providers are constantly expanding what they are looking at and for in the businesses they approve for funding. Lenders are looking at website scores, NAP validation, local listings, star ratings, BBB ratings, SDEs, and many other factors that contribute to a business success or failure. Failure to a lender equals default.

Virtual Coach on Every Step – Many of us need someone telling us what to do and how to do it rather than just reading about the subject or task. That is why the Black Label CRM system includes more than 60 virtual coaching videos that are anywhere for 30 seconds to two minutes in length. These virtual coaching videos are specific to the step content and describe how to complete tasks for each step.


Over 3,000 Credit Extending Vendors – Our Black Label CRM system is the only one to provide a database of over 3,000 credit extending business to business vendors for almost every product and service imaginable. Once our clients have utilized the over 200 credit reporting providers in the system to initially build their business credit, our clients can then conserve their valuable cash flow by utilizing the over 3,000 vendors that are extending net 30- or 60-day payment terms for items you need to grow and succeed.

UBF Funding Estimator (Unsecured Business Funding) – Knowing what you can be funded under the UBF program and for approximately how much is more than half the battle. Inside our Black Label CRM system is the UBF Funding Estimator where you will simply enter some information about your personal credit, and it will return a funding estimate along with any corrections or contingencies that need to be addressed before you start the funding process. It also creates a detailed report that will be delivered to your email.

For Only $679.00 One Time Payment
does not include associated cost for vendor accounts, or cost for business credit foundation building, 411 listing, virtual office, local listing, marketing, and assistants with funding, etc.