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Does the success system build business credit?

Absolutely! The system started as a business credit building platform. It is the oldest and the very best around. It has over 200 business credit reporting vendors who will extend business credit terms to start-up companies for a very wide range of products, services, and credit cards. Then once a company has established a business credit score they can access over 3,000 vendors extending credit terms for every product and service imaginable.

How many business credit reporting vendors are there?

Over 200 in the initial business credit building phase and then over 3,000 once the business credit profile and score have been established.

How long does it take to build business credit?

Typically about 4 to 6 months to get it right and establish a strong profile with business credit scores of 80 or above. It all depends on the client sticking to the system instructions, using their new accounts, and paying their bills at least 10 days early.

Are there funding programs in the system?

There are 20 funding programs in the system along with their underwriting approval guidelines. This means your clients will know exactly which ones they pre-qualify for now, which ones they fall short on, and what to do about it.

What are the different license and how much are they?

There is basically only one type of license where you pay us and that is $150 for an activated system license. The difference then becomes in how you sell it. Your white label defaults to a "Virtual Coach License" where you are selling a DIY system and letting the video spokesperson on each page instruct your clients what to do, how to do it, and why they are doing each step. The other is the "Live Coach License". This is where you or your staff are coaching your clients to get them to complete each step and doing some of the work for them. Both are actually "Activated System Licenses" that cost you a $150 one-time fee. Then whatever you elect to charge your clients for either the virtual or live coaching versions is up to you.

What are the black label setup and subscription fees?

The initial setup fee is $1,997 on the monthly subscription plan and $1,797 on the annual subscription plan. The monthly subscription plan is then $150 a month after the setup fee and it includes one activated system license a month. The annual subscription plan is $2,997 due at signing and includes the $1,797 set up fee along with 5 activated system licenses and then no ongoing monthly fees. Therefore you save $800 on the annual subscription plan. Additional activated system licenses are $150 each.

How many agents or staff can I setup and at what cost?

You can set up an unlimited amount of staff members, agents, affiliates, reps, etc. without any additional costs or ongoing fees. You can also run an unlimited number of business success scans at no additional costs.

Other than credit and funding what does the system do?

The success system has six sections. Lender compliance, which is all about making your clients low risk to lenders. Optimize credit, which is building strong business and personal credit scores. Credit building, which is selecting from over 200 credit reporting vendors to build business credit history files. Access funding, which is pre-qualifying for any of the 20 business funding programs. Increase rankings, which is doing everything to increase SEO, social media, star ratings, local listings and NAP validation.tory services. And Maximize value, which is about increasing their SDE (seller's discretionary earnings) so that their business is attractive and worth as much as possible.

How do I make money using the success system?

An Activate System License costs you $150. The average private label charges $700 to $800, but you can charge whatever you want. You get paid by your clients before we invoice you.The average private label charges $3,000 to $4,000 to their clients for live coaching but still only requires a $150 Activate System License for $150 each one time. Therefore you put everything above the $150 system license cost in your pocket. Additionally most private labels charge an average of 10 points on the funding they provide for their clients earning another $5,000 to $10,000 per client. We provide a step-by-step process that outlines how to earn $15,000 or more per client.

What is the 1-3-5 and how does it work?

1 installment loan such as a business term loan, equipment lease, or SBA loan. 3 business credit cards, 5 vendor lines of credit. This is a general rule of thumb for building excellent business credit scores in the shortest period of time.

Is corp only financing real or is it a pipe dream?

Absolutely not. However it is a goal and not an overnight thing. The 200 vendors in the system extending credit terms are corp only. Many of the funding programs are corp only. But when it comes to unsecured lines of credit for banks or credit unions those are either going to have to be personally guaranteed or the business itself will need to be very strong. Strong typically means at least two years in business, at least $35,000 a month in revenue, a minimum of 10 reporting business credit tradelines, a low 5 of above bank rating and business credit scores of 80 or above.

How long does it take to get to corp only financing?

Many can be accessed right away but those will be for vendor lines of credit not cash or unsecured lines of credit. Those will require building strong business credit scores and having a business with consistent revenue.

Who are these 3,000 credit extending vendors in the system?

They are B2B vendors for every product and service imaginable. There are reporting and non reporting. Access to them is limited to those businesses who have already utilized the 200+ vendors in the business credit building sections to obtain at least 10 reporting business trade lines, been in your system for at least 60 days and have already built business credit scores.

What does the success scan tell a business owner?

It scans about 150 data points on their business for all things lender compliance, business credit, SEO, social media, star ratings, backlinks, local listings, map placements, legal filings, possible valuation, and the owners. It lets them see how lenders and anyone else looking at or investigating their company will see them and what they will find.

What is given to our clients for free versus paid for?

After your clients or prospects run a free success scan on your private label they are given free access to your success system for step one only which is lender compliance. Inside lender compliance we provide you with a list of affiliates for you to sign up with so that you are making money even from unpaid members while they are getting a feel for the quality of your system.

Does the system help my clients with their marketing?

Yes, they get a complete scan of where their business is now for every part of the online marketing. Then they are given the instructions and tools to optimize each aspect on their own and they are provided with vendors who will do the jobs for them.

Can the system help my clients if they want to sell?

Yes, inside the system is the Maximize Value section that teaches them about the importance of maintaining there SDE (seller's discretionary earnings) to make their business as attractive as possible to new buyers, to be able to get their very best price for their business, and how to calculate an accurate valuation of a supportable sales price for their business.

Can I costumize the system with my services or vendors?

Of course, in any section where you offer those services you can add your business as the preferred vendor for that service. You will also be able to have all other vendors in each section be vendors that you have affiliate, reseller or white label relationship with so that you get paid on each service provided.

Can I offer monthly payment plans to my clients?

Yes, may charge whatever you want and on whatever terms you want for each license. The activate system license is only $150 which is invoiced in the month after you have collected from your client. Therefore you should at least collect enough up front from your clients to pay for that small fee.

Who are my best clients for the success system?

Recently funded or recently incorporated. Clients that you have recently funded or recently helped to incorporate make the very best clients for the success system. They typically have the money needed to complete the system successfully.