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What exactly is a “BLACK LABEL”? It means that your users will not see the platform brand anywhere in the system. It’s not on any videos, they can’t find it anywhere in the system, it’s not in any eBooks, and so on. The problem with the other so-called WHITE LABEL software is that their branding is visible throughout their systems. Your clients will eventually bypass you and do business directly with them because their branding will be on your site, their eBooks, and every video they provide you. It is best to go with the only genuine BLACK LABEL platform

#2 - Run Thousands of Success Scans

Have you ever grown weary of platforms and systems charging you for everything you do? We feel the same way. With our BLACK LABEL business success system, you can provide a “Business Success Scan” that will scan 150 data points on each business you put into the system at no additional cost. You could run 10,000 success scans per month without spending a single extra dollar. Consider having 150 data points on 10,000 businesses to market your services to. What a fantastic lead generation tool!


#3 - We Do Not Compete With You

This may be the most crucial feature of all. Other WHITE LABEL platforms in this space have a direct-to-consumer component. As a result, while they claim to offer you a WHITE LABEL system, they are actually your direct competitor. This means that your potential customers will find them at the top of search engines. Where we have no direct-to-consumer business, and even if a business owner finds us, which is difficult, we will not sell them direct access to our system; instead, they must go through one of our BLACK LABEL CRM Partners.

#4 - Make Vastly More Money

With other Business Credit Software, you will make a small percentage or nothing at all of what you will make with our system if you use other BLACK LABEL in this niche. With us, you can receive 100% of the service vendor revenue, and you can earn 100% of the funding program commissions, whereas other White Label programs may only give you 10% or 20%. You pay a one-time $150 Activated System License fee per client when you work with us. The fee for other White Labels is $700 or higher. Other White Label companies funnel your money through them, with 80 percent to 100 percent of it ending up in their pockets.

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#5 - Service Vendor Revenue To You​

In our system, you can receive 100% of the service vendor revenue. This means that when your clients require websites, phones, business plans, merchant accounts, entity formation, and other critical services, they will use your affiliate or reseller links. When your clients require services, you can earn money from those services and have the service provider pay you directly without the money passing through us or us taking a cut. Other White Labels do not provide this service.

#6 - Most Transparent Platform

One of the worst aspects of business credit and financing is that everyone keeps secrets. They “protect their sources” by not disclosing which lenders they use, which credit card companies they refer your clients to, or how they do what they do. Our true BLACK LABEL platform allows you to be the authority. You are aware of who each lender in the system is, what they do, and how to contact them. That includes lenders, credit card companies, credit reporting agencies, business service providers, and others.

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#7 - Enroll Unlimited Affiliates & Agents​

Are you tired of paying additional license fees for each employee or affiliate you grant access to your system? We are too! With our BLACK LABEL system, you can add an unlimited number of employees, agents, processors, affiliates, and more at no extra cost. Consider signing up 100 affiliate referral agents, each of whom generates business for you, has their own landing page, and costs you nothing extra.

#8 - 20 Funding Programs With 200+ Direct Lenders​

First, you must determine which funding program your clients are pre-qualified for. Your BLACK LABEL does this for 20 different funding programs and explains what each one is all about. Then, for each program, you must know which lenders to refer your clients to. The other White label providers keep their lenders secret. With our BLACK LABEL, you get data on 10 lenders for each funding program, allowing you to take your clients directly to them and earn 100% commission.


#9 - Customizable BLACK LABEL Site

Our BLACK LABEL system includes a fully turnkey, ready-to-use website with the ability to customize the colors of its panels, fonts, buttons, and social media icons in your admin area to best match the themes of your primary website. You can also select which service vendors provide services such as websites, phones, virtual offices, entities, merchant processing, virtual offices, business plans, personal credit, and more.

#10 - Over 3,000 Credit Extending Vendors​

Our BLACK LABEL system is the only one that offers a database of over 3,000 credit-extending business-to-business vendors for virtually every product and service imaginable. Once your clients have used the system’s over 200 credit reporting providers to establish their business credit, they can save valuable cash flow by utilizing the over 3,000 vendors who offer net 30 or 60 day payment terms for the items they require to grow and succeed.


#11 - Comprehensive System Training​

The amount of training included in any BLACK LABEL system is a critical feature. Our BLACK LABEL includes a plethora of training materials such as videos, eBooks, pdf files, and virtual coaches to assist you in learning every aspect of the business credit and business financing industries. Our system’s goal is to make you a professional so that you can not only impress but also successfully serve your clients. Your system includes the ability to schedule as many online live training sessions as you and your staff need to become acquainted with the system.

#12 - CRM & Marketing Platform Integration​

The BLACK LABEL system has been integrated with the ZOHO CRM and Marketing platform, allowing you to instantly transfer lead and client data from your BLACK LABEL into the Zoho platform to service your client relationship management and more extensive marketing needs. Your BLACK LABEL comes with its own internal coaching CRM and auto email marketing system, but if you want more marketing tools and integration apps, the Zoho platform is a very cost-effective way to get them. We can also provide you with an API to integrate with most other CRM’s via Zapier.


#13 - Promotional Videos And Materials​

When you are talking about a white-label platform you want promotional material that has only your brand associated with it and mentions nothing about the platform provider. With our Black Label CRM, you are provided with an extensive educational and promotional un-branded video library, eBooks, email marketing templates, landing pages, and more. We help you push your brand with your prospects and clients never knowing we exist.

#14 - Productive Marketing Programs​

Our Black Label CRM includes a spectrum of marketing programs along with the contact information for you to execute those marketing programs. Each program is detailed for you, so you are ready to take advantage of them on day one. An example of one is having the connection to acquire leads of daily entity filings nationally so that you could reach out via phone, email, or direct mail to incorporations or LLCs that were formed yesterday. Another is being able to set up as a white label provider yourself for a dozen different business services, so all that revenue comes to you.


#15 - UBF Manual With Over 250 Credit Cards​

The “UBF” program, better known as Unsecured Business Funding, is what business finance brokers call acquiring business and personal credit cards for their clients. There are several services that will do this for you and pay you a small commission, which is typically 20%. With your white label system, you receive a step-by-step UBF “how to” manual and a database of 30 credit card providers with the requirements for over 250 of their credit cards. This allows you to fund your clients directly and earn 100% of the commission.

#16 - UBF Funding Estimator​

Knowing which clients can be funded under the UBF program and for approximately how much is more than half the battle. Inside our Black Label CRM system is the UBF Funding Estimator where you will simply enter some information from your client’s personal credit report and it will return a funding estimate along with any corrections or contingencies that need to be addressed before you take your client out for funding. It also creates a detailed report with your logo on it that can be delivered to your clients.


#17 - Professional Coach Training​

Other white label systems require you to pay a large sum of money for them to coach your clients rather than having your team do it. If someone else coaches your clients, you risk losing rapport and control over them, as well as a significant amount of revenue. With our BLACK LABEL system, you get a comprehensive coaching tool and strategy that allows a single trained coach to handle 20 to 30 clients at once. This allows you to maintain rapport, maintain control, and generate revenue from each client for yourself rather than a third party.

#18 - Productive Client Closing Tools​

Each Business Success Scan includes 150 data points about the business and its owners. You will be aware of their lender compliance status, funding program pre-qualifications, business credit details, the owner’s personal credit, their online presence, local directory listings, entity filing status, and much more. This gives you a mountain of data to close them on your services. You’ll be able to teach the client so much about their industry that many will be impressed and eager to sign up.


#19 - Full Business Success System​

All of our competitors in this white-label space are solely concerned with Business Credit and Funding. That is a sizable portion, but it is insufficient. You will be providing your clients with a comprehensive business success service by assisting them with all aspects of their success. In today’s market, lenders and credit providers are constantly broadening what they look for and look for in the businesses they fund. Lenders consider website scores, NAP validation, local listings, star ratings, BBB ratings, SDEs, and a variety of other factors that contribute to a company’s success or failure. Failure to pay a lender is synonymous with default.

#20 - By Far The Most Cost Effective​

We believe that our BLACK LABEL system is the only true BLACK LABEL in this niche. It also has far more features than any of its competitors in this market. Over 750,000 small business owners have used our system to run a success scan and benefit from the extensive knowledge they gain inside the system. At the same time, our pricing is a fraction of our competitors’, in terms of setup, operation, and license. If that wasn’t enough, the revenue you receive from clients is likely to be at least five times what you would receive from them in their systems.


#21 - Many User Access Roles​

The system provides you with a number of user role options for allowing others to access it. You can, for example, create as many “Referral Agents” as you want without incurring any additional fees. These could be affiliates or other businesses such as accounting firms, entity formation firms, business brokers, or others who want to refer business owners to your success scan and system. Each of these would have their own admin area login, marketing landing page, and users would be tracked to them specifically. Many other roles are available, each with its own set of functions.

#22 - Follow Up Done For You​

Your ability to follow-up is critical to closing prospects and keeping clients engaged. You will receive an auto email marketing system with your BLACK LABEL that will contact each prospect and client over the course of their first 40 days in the system. They are sent a series of 20 targeted emails, each one covering a different topic related to the results of their business success scan. In this manner, each email addresses a specific need that your prospects or clients have, which when addressed can help them get approved and/or succeed.


#23 - Very User Friendly System​

Any system is useless or ineffective if the user/client cannot understand or follow it. The BLACK LABEL business success system is a simple step-by-step process that divides each step into a small focus and task. Each step includes a virtual video coach who instructs your clients on what to do, why they’re doing it, and how to finish each task. This allows your clients to easily progress through your system and complete it with little to no hand holding or even live coaching.

#24 - Virtual Coach On Every Step​

Many of us prefer to be told what to do and how to do it rather than simply reading about the subject or task. That is why the BLACK LABEL system includes more than 60 virtual coaching videos ranging in length from 30 seconds to two minutes. These virtual coaching videos are step-specific and describe how to complete tasks for each step.


#25 - Affiliate Vendor Data Provided​

When you set up your own affiliate or reseller links to each service providing vendor, you will be able to direct all of the vendor service revenue in the system to you. Each service can have 1-4 vendors in the system. If your company offers that service, you can simply list it. To make it easier for you to find these service vendors, we provide a list of ten vendors for each service, along with complete contact information.